In September, model Elsie Hewitt filed a lawsuit against actor Ryan Phillippe, claiming he had domestically abused her. 

Elsie alleges that there was an altercation between herself and Phillippe, which left her with chest pain, bruising and abrasions.

She also claims that Phillippe abused drugs, including the use of alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, and steroids.


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Phillippe has consistently denied any of the allegations made against him.

Taking to Twitter, the actor distanced himself from Hewitt, writing:

'To be clear: i have not had a “girlfriend” for over a year now and have barely dated anyone since.' 


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'Any other labels or mis- characterizations, from media or gossips, related to anyone, briefly, connected to my personal life, are false.'  

According to People, Phillippe is counter-suing the model, based on claims that she 'broke into Phillippe’s home in the middle of the night without permission' and 'fabricated a story in an unjustified attempt to extort money' from him to further her career. 

Phillippe 'was raised by women in a household where women’s rights, feminism, and advocacy were very much at the forefront, and he is sickened to have been falsely accused of domestic violence,' according to a statement obtained by People.