We probably only get 3.5 days of pure sunshine in Ireland, so it's safe to say we all get a little excited when the temperature rises above 20C.

And since the whole weekend was filled with an enormous amount of glorious sun, most of us probably did a few things on the list here.

1. Checked the weather app on your phone

Because you never believe the weather woman on TV. Plus, you need to screenshot that sh*t for Instagram.

2. Announced your delight that the sun is out to everyone

'The weather's gorgeous, isn't it?' was uttered to your mam, neighbour, milkman, dog.

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3. Made extravagant BBQ plans

Then you found out that the BBQ was broken or rusted… Trip to IKEA it is!

barbecue, beer, cutlery

4. Pulled out your holiday clothes

Because we might as well be in Costa Rica. Short shorts, crop tops, flowy dresses, sandals; all made an appearance.

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5. 'Forgot' about applying sun screen

Because we're all stupid and never learn. Cue farmer's tan.

6. Tried to be ~*adventurous*~

Hiked up mountains, dived off cliffs… tried to let your inner Bear Grylls out.

Person Standing in the Cliff of the Mountain during Golden Hour

7. Thought it was a good idea to go day drinking

Sure, what else would you be doing when the sun is out in Ireland?

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8. Regretted your decision to go day drinking 

Come 4 o'clock, you're already langers and don't know what to do with the rest of your day.

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9. Decided to do it all over again the next day

The short shorts, the beer, the regret… the fun.

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