Fancy a friend of a friend? Then this is the app for you!


If you’ve ever been absent-mindedly flicking through a friends photos and see them tagged with someone you wouldn’t mind getting to know better, then the new social media dating app, Hook could be exactly what you need.

Hook lets you show an interest in Facebook friends of friends, but they can only see that you like them if they say that they like you too, so there’s no fear of rejection or embarrassment!

Once a connection is made, you then say what it is you want to do with the other person. The activities range from ‘Grab a drink’ to the not so subtle ‘Have sex!’.

If you’re already in a relationship however, perhaps you should keep an eye on your other half’s app downloads – Hook lets people in unhappy relationships see who’s interested in them, before they decided to make the break.

While the rest of the app sounds good, we’re not sure about this particular aspect!

Visit Hook to find out where to download the latest dating trend.