Is there anything that cannot turn his hand to?

It would seems that the singer has turned tech entrepreneur on us, after unveiling his new ‘smart cuff’, the Puls.

The Black Eyed Peas star is obviously keen to give Apple a run for their money, creating this fancy new accessory that not only tells the time, but also makes phone calls and access online services.

The star, who created the snazzy new device with his electronics company, was at pains to emphasise that the Puls is most certainly “not a watch” during its live launch show in San Francisco.

Indeed, not only can the cuff do all of the amazing things mentioned above, but it can also monitor fitness, play music and allow wearers to interact on social media.

While we have no clue how long the battery in Will’s super-duper cuff lasts for, the models presented on stage came out wearing special coats that can actually charge the device using battery packs.

Few details have been released regarding pricing and when the Puls will be going on sale, but one all-important criteria has been unveiled – the colours! The Puls will be available in a range of shades including black, white, pink and blue.

And for those who want to push the boat out, flashy solid-gold and diamond-encrusted versions will also be available.

Since the launch, Will has taken to Twitter to simply say: “Today was awesome.”

We’d believe it, Will!