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Can you really learn how to be happy? Well, Ivy-League University Yale certainly thinks so.

The world-famous American college created a course called 'Psychology and the Good Life' which became the most popular class in the course's history last year, according to Stylist.

The happiness class is now open to everyone online, and we're more than a little bit tempted to get in on this magic. The age-old question of the secret to happiness has been circulating for centuries.


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Sparking joy can happen through a variety of different mindsets and methods. For some of us, all we need is a kickass Spotify playlist or a trip to the dancefloor with our friends, while others need to be outdoors and delete all of their social media accounts. To each their own.

The art of happiness is an art form that we can only pursue by switching up our daily routines, and getting in on those feel-good vibes. Yale is here to help us get closer to the sacred state of mind.

Yale has been around for 317 years, and still the happiness class is by far it's most popular course to ever be taught. Last year, the class debuted to global attention when 1,200 students (nearly a quarter of Yale's undergrad student body) enrolled in the course, led by psychology Professor Laurie Santos.

'Psychology and the Good Life' was created in direct response to skyrocketing levels of student stress, anxiety and depression at Yale and teaches practical advice about finding the fight career path, satisfying pursuits and how to cultivate happiness in our everyday lives.

Santos has since created an extended version of the course; The Science Of Well-Being, filmed in her own house, which can be taken online for free.

Absolutely anyone can enroll, so why not try it? It's got a varied curriculum that explores topics including misconceptions about happiness, why our expectations around joy are so low, how to overcome our inner biases, activities that have been proven to boost satisfaction, and how to put strategies into practice.

The course description states; “The purpose of the course is to not only learn what psychological research says about what makes us happy but also to put those strategies into practice,” the course description reads.

Don't stress if academia isn't your background and there are no compulsory texts. If you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of studying, don't be; these deadlines are flexible and there are no comebacks if you miss one. Go at your own pace.

They also give you the chance to communicate with your classmates, and carry out video lectures, quizzes and 'rewirement' activities for building healthier habits.

The Science Of Well-Being is available for free on Coursera, audited for free or carried out with certification for €44.20. The pursuit of happiness doesn't seem so impossible now, does it?


DJing has long been a male-dominated pursuit – but luckily, time are a-changing. Ireland is blessed to host some seriously talented DJs, from Tara Stewart to Cici Kavanagh, and one DJ course in particulr is hoping to further promote gender equality in the industry. 

H&G Creations set up the non-profit DJ course Glitter Tits in 2018 with the purpose of wanting to offer people a safe space to learn how to work the decks.

With the current nightlife industry being overwhelmingly masculine, the objective of the course is to offer everyone an introduction to DJing in a supportive environment no matter your gender, sexuality or race.

Aimed at absolute beginners with the desire to fill the dance floor, the Glitter Tit's tutors of 2018 included Nialler9, Aimie from Le Boom and Gary O'Reily from Mix & Fairbanks.

The course has seen huge success among it's participants, and to celebrate International Women's Day, they are offering six wannabe-DJs the chance to join up for free. 

The 6 lucky students will get a crash course in the Glitter Tits method in The Bernard Shaw – and will be taught by none other than Aimie Mallon from Le Boom. 

The winners will be given a lesson on the mechanics of DJ decks, beat matching and mixing, and all you have to do to become a part of the action is fill out this form to win a place. 

Excuse us while we spruce up our Spotify playlists…