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The 22-year-old adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is now a married woman… but she wasn't keen to share her big day with her parents.

Isabella Cruise, who is allegedly still a member of the Church of Scientology, reportedly married IT consultant Max Parker in late September.

The ceremony took place in a function room at London's five-star Dorchester Hotel, according to Australian magazine Woman's Day. 

The magazine features an 'exclusive' photo from the wedding on its current cover:

Isabella split from musician Eddie Frencher back in 2013, following her move to the UK to pursue a career in make-up artistry. She met Max less than a year ago.

While Tom was not on the guest list for the low-key nuptials, Isabella did invite a select group of close friends.

As for Nicole, it's still unclear if she attended – or indeed, even knew of – the wedding. However she is in London at the moment for her West End role in Photograph 51, so it's possible she was there for Isabella's big day.

Tom and Nicole adopted Isabella in 1992 and Connor in 1995, prior to their 2001 divorce.

After the split, the children went on living with Tom, with many reports saying their belief in Scientology drove a wedge between them and Nicole.

Last year it was rumoured that Connor had left the church in favour of a more "spiritual" path, though Isabella was believed to be an active member as recently as last year.

In a recent interview, Australian actress Nicole maintained she was still in contact with Connor and Isabella online.

"I have four children [including two with her current husband Keith Urban], so to stay in touch with them is very important," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking in a previous interview back in 2012, Nicole said she had "respect" for her children's religious activity.

"I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists – Connor and Isabella – and I utterly respect their beliefs."



It’s been a hectic month for Hilary Duff from signing a record contract to starring in a new television show, but it now seems Hilary could be considering a conversion to Scientology.

The 26-year-old actress has been spotted spending a lot of time with Hollywood’s young Scientology crowd and Hilary has even gotten temporary tattoos, of Scientology symbols on her arms.

The symbol spotted on Hilary’s arm features a small triangle, which is also known as the “ARC” or “Affinity, Reality and Communication” triangle.

This symbol is most frequently used to represent the church of Scientology.

Duff has also become very close to Alanna Masterson, who is a proud advocate of Scientology and also rumoured to have dated Tom Cruise’s son, Connor.

Hilary has spoken passionately before, about her religious beliefs.

“I travel so much and I work so hard, but I have faith in that kind of thing and I pray all the time and I believe in God,”

Many have commented that Hilary could’ve been seeking solace with the Scientology church, after her recent spilt from three year marriage with Mike Comrie.