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If your summer holiday is nothing but a distant memory and a couple of idyllic Instagram snaps, fear not. You can always plan a short city break with some friends or your other half to give yourself something to look forward to (Christmas is still too far away to get excited about!). Here are out top five city breaks!

This city has so much character, and it’s probably even better to go around this time of year as during the summer it is VERY hot and if you’re like us, you may not be able to deal with big crowds and big heat! If you go there, make sure to find some of the traditional Spanish bars away from the touristy spots – they are really pretty, and much better value!

New York
If you have some money to spend and plenty of holidays left to take, why not jet over to The Big Apple before the Christmas rush? We would definitely go if we got the chance, imagine all the clothes, and food! Heaven!

Ah, the city of love. Climb the Eiffel Tower, eat some snails, whisper sweet nothings into your lovers ear – but whatever you do, don’t get over excited if your boyfriend bends down to tie his shoelace!

Edinburgh is a brilliant city to explore any time of year. It’s got so much history, and more importantly, great shops! If you’re looking to go somewhere that doesn’t take too long to get to, this is the perfect option!

If you’re not a fan of the heat, but you’re quite fond of Portuguese culture, then Lisbon is a great option. It’s Europe’s second-oldest capital city next to Athens, so it has plenty of history – not to mention style. And once you’re done you can relax on the beach and watch the sunset. How much more perfect can you get?

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Planning on a city break but stuck for ideas of where to go? To take the pressure off, we have found the hottest places to visit this year:

If you have never been to Berlin, now is the time. Germany’s capital is vibrant and full of culture. What’s more, the city is cheap in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Shopping, cheap booze and excellent restaurants means this city is the perfect setting for a girly weekend away.  Fans of the Beatles will also be in heaven.

If you love  architecture then this is the place for you.  The city is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Baltic capitals and it combines medieval with modern. The beautiful Latvian capital is also the European Capital of Culture for 2014 so it is well worth a trip.

Think of us while you are sipping cocktails at sunset…