Now that Christmas is over (sob!), it's January sales time (wahey!). But like most years, you go shopping with the hope of getting major bargains BUT come home with a ridiculous amount of stuff you will either never wear or use. Oh, the wonder of a '50 per cent OFF' price tag. 

So, in order to get you ready for the shops, here's five wardrobe essentials you need to snap up this year:

1. Statement leather jacket

No matter what the season or what trends are in, a leather jacket will always be your best friend. So take advantage of the sales and nab yourself a statement leather jacket. 


2. The perfect LBD

The highstreet obviously go WILD selling dresses for the festive party season so this is your best chance to get the perfect little black dress at a discounted price. 


3. Slick runners

Runners are mega pricey at the moment since they have been a style staple in the past few years. So if you want to get your hands on the Nike's you've always wanted, now is the time to buy them at the best price. 


4. Party heels

A pair of heels are the perfect choice for many occasions and can add total glamour to any outfit. Search the shops for your perfect pair; you're bound to find them. 


5. Jeans please!

Another wardrobe essential that will do you all year round is the perfect pair of jeans. Whatever style or size, there is always LOADS to choose from come sale time. You just need to have the eye to find them!