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A reunion might be off the cards, but Friends fans may soon be able to recreate some of their favourite comedy moments with the launch of the Central Perk coffee shop chain.

The fictional New York hang-out played a huge role in the 90s sitcom, with Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey spending pretty much all of their free time there.

According to reports, legal documents obtained by The Blast state that earlier this month, Warner Bros. Entertainment secured a copyright to use the name Central Perk for "coffee shop and café services".

The production company have also filed to use the name for a number of different products including toys, board games and slot machines.

The news comes after a parody café under the same name was shut down in Toronto in 2016, following opposition from Warner Bros. legal team.

Meanwhile, a trailer for Friends: The Movie began doing the rounds earlier this month, showing the old gang back together again.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fake – but hey, a girl can dream!


It's safe to say any Friends fans would love to spend a moment in the famous Central Perk, have a few sips of coffee and hear someone sing a rendition of Smelly Cat.

However, if you're a Friends fan in Singapore, you're going to be bitterly disappointed.

The "official Central Perk" made an announcement yesterday that in November 'Central Perk SG' will open in Singapore, but you'll have to pay a pretty penny to gain membership.

The coffee shop is charging 1000 Singapore dollars (€660) for "exclusive benefits" in the cafe.

Image result for shocked friends gif

According to the cafe's Facebook page, the membership will include a priority queue, invites for five guests, table reservations, event bookings and access to pre-launch parties.

We don't know about you, but there's no hope in Hell we'd pay that much. Sorry Friends, but you lost us here.


Friends fans should probably brace themselves because there is exciting news for all of us.

A café has been created that is an actual replica of the Central Perk. They even have the orange couch, lads. 

The Central Perk café in Liverpool is pretty much as amazing as the one from the beloved sitcom, except there's always a queue for THAT couch.

That doesn’t really matter though because everything else is pretty on point. From the light fixtures to the red brick walls the place was designed to make people feel like they are on the actual set of the show.

While Friends may have come to an end in 2004, Gunther has seen something of a renaissance as according to the website, this Central Perk comes with its very own Gunther.

This is the first time a full-scale replica of the coffee house has been created in the UK, aside from a one-off pop-up in London a while back. This is much more impressive though, mostly because it is there to stay!

Another bonus; they have open mic nights, and Smelly Cat merchandise. Some night they promise to even play back to back episodes of the sitcom.

Oh, and they do a ‘Gunther’s birthday surprise’ offer. So if it’s your birthday then you get a free coffee.

There is also a script signed by the cast from The One With The Red Sweater, as well as the blackboard.

Remember how excited Rachel was about writing on the specials board? That’s how excited all the Friends fans feel about this coffee shop.

 Ok, so it is in Liverpool but that is so much closer than New York, it’s much more doable.

Weekend away anyone?



This may be the most exciting news since…ever!

Warner Bros have announced that they will be setting up a replica of the iconic Friends café, Central Perk!

And where will Central Perk be located? Why, NYC of course! Central Perk will be set up at 199 Lafayette Street in the SoHo area of the city. 

For Friends fans out there (basically, everyone ever) this will be the chance of a lifetime to actually drink coffee in Central Perk which will be complete with an orange couch and, wait for it, GUNTHER!

That’s right, Gunther, played by James Michael Taylor, will be making some appearances at the coffee shop for fans.

This pop-up recreation of Central Perk is all part of the upcoming celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of the very first episode of Friends on the 22nd of September. 20. Years. We feel so old right now!

Central Perk will open on the 17th September and stay open until 18th October.

It hasn't been said yet whether the famous Friends group will make any appearances at their old haunt yet, but we can always hope…

Is it time to book those flights stateside now? Oh, we think so!