Looking for the perfect concealer? Well, look no further as Max Factor have the answer!

A lot of ladies worry that their flaws are the first things people notice on their face and opt for a concealer that will hide any imperfections.

Unfortunately, not all concealers work in the same way and choosing the wrong once can actually make things worse.

Thankfully, Max Factor has released their Colour Corrector CC Sticks that work with varying types of imperfections and skin tones.

With five sticks all working in different ways, there is sure to be one suitable for your skin tone. The Reducer is a green stick that neutralises redness while the Revitaliser in purple counteracts sallow and yellow areas, helping to banish dullness. It is perfect for mums who have yellow undertones.

However, for those with lilac, purple or blue undertones, the Brightener in yellow helps to neutralise under-eye circles. The Balancer is pink and helps to even out dark spots in lighter skin tones while the illuminator works as a highlighter and softly reflects light and illuminates the face.

Each stick helps to eliminate and disguise so you can create a perfect, professional and flawless base