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It does seem as though everywhere we look there is a new (and amazing) Disney collaboration. 

From gorgeous Minnie Mouse inspired makeup, to Beauty and the Beast Pyjamas – we are pretty much all decked out. 

Today, we give you the latest gorgeous collaboration, courtesy of the lovely people at Cath Kidston. 

The 'home of modern vintage' has joined forces with one of Disney's most iconic films, to bring us some of the loveliest pieces you've ever seen.

Handy bags, totes, cushions and mugs adorned with some well known faces are all part of the magical collection. 

From Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, to Wendy and her brothers – there is something for everyone (but we genuinely just want it all.)

There are make-up bags, rucksacks, stationery and more included in this wonderfully nostalgic collection, making it the perfect balance between rediscovering your inner child and ultimate sophistication. 

Oh, and incase you were unaware – this is not the first time Disney collaborated with Cath Kidston. 

Previously, we have seen glorious Mickey Mouse products, that included phone cases and and umbrellas (which we loved). 

They also did the CUTEST range of goodies inspired by 101 Dalmatians, that was, of course, spotty and wonderful. 

The Peter Pan collection will launch on September online21st, but we strongly recommend signing up online for updates.

Avoid disappointment and stuff. 



101 Dalmatians was one of our favourite Disney movies.

The 1950s fashion, the brilliant illustrations of London and of course, the animated puppies were all so adorable.

Our feelings on the movie hasn't changed much since we were kids, so we were delighted to find out that Cath Kidston is creating a 101 Dalmatians collection.

Cath Kidston's collection uses the original artwork from the Disney film

Following on from the success of the Minnie and Mickey collection last year, this will be the company's second Disney line.

The design team have gathered original illustrations from the Disney archives (above), so just imagine monochrome, blush tones and gorgeous dotty pups.

The designer has given us a sneak peek on her Instagram page with a video featuring Patch the puppy.

"You'll be seeing spots and falling in puppy love with the next #DisneyXCathKidston collection!" exclaimed the IG post.

The line will be available online and in stores from May 26.