When I was 11, my family from Boston came to visit.

It was so exciting, especially when the kids were all given a fiver each, and let wander up Grafton street – without adults. 

Of course, our parents were near, and there were 5 of us in a little squad (safety in numbers). 

We took our money and went straight to The Joke Shop, where we purchased candy cigarettes. 

We stood outside the shop, a group of kids, and pretended to smoke – because we thought it was cool. 

Fast forward 15 years, and I've traded in my candy smokes for the real deal (sadly, don't do it kids). 

Anyway, I pondered this childhood memory today, and couldn't help but think how INAPPROPRIATE candy cigarettes are/ were. 

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Imagine if you saw a group of kids smoking fake smokes today? You'd probably be appalled. 

I mean, I would be appalled, despite the inevitable Camel Blue that would be in my right hand at the time. 

I looked into candy cigarettes, and discovered that they have in fact been banned in Ireland, and a number of other nations. 

The old school sweet treats have also been banned in Brazil, Finland, Norway, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

Honestly it just makes me LAUGH, at the thought that these sweets were a thing.

A very popular thing I might add.

And, while they may have been banned, you can actually still get them online, if you feel like reliving your youth.

Dare you?