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So, you've ever gotten married, been in a bridal party, or even just watched a cheesy rom-com, you'll know that peeing in the a wedding dress is no easy task.

Endless layers of lace and tulle make going it alone next to impossible and brides must rely on their nearest and dearest when nature comes calling.

However, that could all be about to change with the invention of the 'Bridal Buddy'.

Much like a slip, the Bridal Buddy fits comfortably underneath any wedding gown.

When the bride needs to go, she must gather the dress around her front and place it in the wearable contraption before putting her arms through the arms hols provided.

Still confused?

Here's a video explaining exactly how it works.

Oh, and one more thing – the armholes mentioned above are trimmed in blue, meaning you'll just need to find something old, new and borrowed.

We happen to think it's absolutely genius, but some Twitter users think it's a disaster waiting to happen?

While others have suggested another use for the product…

Either way, we're guessing this bizarre contraption will provide more than a few laughs on the big day.

You can pick up a Bridal Buddy for £80.99 (approx €92.00) on Amazon.



When we came across this contraption, our first thoughts were that it's a really good idea.

But the thing that really won it for us was the demo video that comes along with the Bridal Buddy.

As any brides (or brides-to-be) know, going to the loo in your wedding dress in no easy feat.

Dragging along your mother, sister, bridesmaid and the dog (OK, maybe not the dog) makes going to the toilet a extravagant affair when it really doesn't need to be. 

Que the Bridal Buddy, which lifts up your dress and holds in it place while you do your business.

Now, for the demo. Watch and laugh ladies, because the whole scenario is more real than we think: