A huge lump of butter has just been found in Ireland – and it dates back nearly 2000 years.

The prehistoric 10kg 'bog butter' was found by turf-cutter Jack Conway, while working on Emlagh bog in Co Meath last week.

The 'bog butter' has now been given to the National Museum, where the Irish Antiques Division said it was a significant discovery as it was found in the ancient Drakerath area.

The Drakerath area was where 11 townlands and three boundaries of ancient baronies met.

“These bogs in those times were inaccessible, mysterious places,” he said.

“It is at the juncture of three separate kingdoms, and politically it was like a no-man’s-land – that is where it all hangs together," said Andy Halpin of the National Museum.

But most surprising, is the fact that the butter is STILL edible. Top chef, Kevin Thorton has admitted that he tasted the butter already, because bogs used to be the place that farmers would store there food to preserve it.

“Theoretically the stuff is still edible – but we wouldn’t say it’s advisable."

Yep, we think we'll pass on eating it.