Taylor Swift fans, look away now. 

The singer seems to have made a pretty drastic social media decision this morning, as all of her online accounts have been deleted. 

Taylor, who is one of the most followed celebrities in the world, quietly removed herself from social media platforms Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. 

It is unknown whether or not the singer plans to return after a social media sabbatical, or if she plans on staying gone for good. 

Fans are hoping that this wipe out means that Taylor is planning something big, like a new album.

It worked wonders for Ed Sheeran, after all. 

The official Taylor Swift website has also been blacked out, so it seems likely that Taylor is gearing up to surprise fans with something new. 

The social media sabbatical also comes on the three year anniversary of the release of Shake It Off, and anniversary of the announcement of her latest album 1989.

Whatever you're plotting Tay, we're ready.