Ed Sheeran returned to social media with a CRYPTIC message

Ed Sheeran has ended his year long social media sabbatical, exactly one year from his last postings. 

The star returned under mysterious circumstances.

Rather than posting a casual selfie or a sunset from his year of travelling, the star has been posting cryptic blue boxes across his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

It's prompted fans to think that the singer is about to release his 3rd album.

In his last social media post one year ago, the singer promised "the 3rd album is on it's way and it's the best thing I've made thus far." 


A photo posted by @teddysphotos on  

Fans are in uproar online trying to guess what the blue boxes mean, with most assuming (and praying) that it is a nod to a new album. 

"Wow I've never been more excited to see a picture of the colour blue," tweeted one fan.

"He's somewhere pissing himself laughing at the amount of commotion a blue profile picture is causing hahaha," laughed another. 

Either way, we're just glad the Thinking Out Loud singer is back.