We're all used to seeing snaps of people before and after considerable weight loss.

Whether they're pulling their (now extra large) waistband away from their stomach or using their (now oversized T-shirt) as a bed sheet, when it comes to social media weight loss is always in… until now.

Deciding to turn the trend on its head, body positive social media star, Arianna Dantone, initiated a brand new trend at the start of the year, and Twitter is officially loving it.

The #GainingWeightIsCool hashtag is Arianna's attempt to highlight the importance of weight gain when it comes to countless people's personal journeys.

Whether it's as a result of muscle development through exercise or during the recovery process of an eating disorder, #GainingWeightIsCool seeks to highlight that in many cases relating to physical and mental health, weight gain is just as worthy of celebration as weight loss.

And we're going to let Twitter take it from here.