‘Stop winding him up’ This dog plays dead to stress his mate out


If you are or ever have been a pet owner, there's a good chance you have, at some stage in your life, played dead just to see how your pet would react to the scene.

And if you haven't, you're really missing out.

But if you think this bizarre activity is reserved for us humans, think again.

Taking to Twitter to give the public an insight into the relationship between her dogs, Jack and Archie, Sam Mhull shared footage of a recent exchange between the pair.

Rolling onto his back and allowing his head to loll backwards, Jack pretended he had met this maker… purely to freak out his little buddy.

"Jack has discovered that by playing dead he can scare the sh*t out of Archie," Sam told her followers, and Twitter cannot get enough.

"WE ARE NOT WORTHY OF DOGS," wrote one social media user while another added: "OMFG! that is so adorably heartbreaking. He's so upset over his buddy and the other dog is internally cracking up."

Jack, your work here is done.