Amy Huberman’s reaction to meeting Prince Harry is priceless


We have to admit we were incredibly jealous of everyone who was lucky enough to attend a garden party held in honour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The event took place in the residency of the British Ambassador in Dublin on Tuesday evening.


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An array of well-known Irish faces attended the lavish celebration, from sports stars to activists and from actresses to musicians.

Bressie, Louise McSharry, Una Mullally, Lucy Kennedy, Sinead Burke and Ruby Walsh were amongst some of the most notable guests.

One of our favourite couples were also invited to the party, and it’s safe to say they were thrilled to be there. 

Rugby star Brian O’ Driscoll and actress Amy Huberman gushed about the event on their social media accounts, saying it was great to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their first official royal visit.

Taking to Twitter, Amy shared a hilarious photo of her greeting Prince Harry, and she certainly looked shell-shocked, but wouldn’t we all.

There’s no doubt that we’d be completely starstruck if we were lucky enough to meet the dashing prince.


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The Striking Out star joked about the snap, which certainly blew her cool image, but could you really remain calm around royalty?

“Ugh. So this photo surfacing has basically dispelled my “Ah yeah, you know, I just played it very cool, very casual, you know that kind of way?!” story,” she wrote.

Fear not, Amy! We would have reacted in the exact same way.