Star faces ban from Twitter after HUGE public backlash!


The ever-controversial actor and comedian, Russell Brand, has been in the headlines a lot lately. If he’s not claiming to have no idea who his ex-wife Katy Perry is, he’s going off on one with an Irish reporter who asked a bit too much and now he may be booted off Twitter!

The Get Him To The Greek star has come under fire for tweeting a Daily Mail reporter’s phone number this week after it had been claimed the reporter was hassling Russell’s mum, Barbara.

This might not have been the best idea Russell’s ever had, although some might claim his phone call to Andrew Sachs was even worse, because Twitter may be forced to ban the comedian for violating their privacy policies.

Upon seeing Russell's tweet, one follower said: "What a horrible thing for @rustyrockets to do. Expected better, if I’m honest."

Russell quickly admitted to his poor judgement after further public backlash and tweeted: “That was a bit nuts. He put it thru me door with ‘please call’ on it. They’re bothering me mum. Deleted it. I’m human.”

Unsurprisingly however, Russell is less than fazed by the speculation that he may no longer be part of the Twittersphere and even retweeted an article The Guardian covered on the matter.

Oh, the irony!