Russell makes swipe at ex-wife Katy Perry on American TV show


Russell Brand and ex-wife Katy Perry began dating in September 2009, got engaged a mere three months later on New Years Eve and married in India the following year, but it seems Russell has suffered severe amnesia and has absolutely no idea who Katy is anymore.

In a bid to educate himself on American holiday Thanksgiving, Russell chatted with kids in the States who kindly agreed to school the actor and comedian on their favourite national holiday, but things got kind of awkward kind of quickly.

When Russell asked one school child who she would invite to Thanksgiving dinner, the answer she gave seemed to leave the 39-year-old just a little rattled.

When the little girl responded with a shy ‘Katy Perry’, the normally quick-witted star appeared momentarily stunned before quickly mumbling “Katy Perry? I don’t know who that is." Surely, he could have come up with something a bit better than that?

When another young girl said she’d invite Ariana Grande, Russell insisted he knew exactly who she was, only making his slight against Katy all the more obvious.

Surely, Russell could have gotten into the holiday spirit and said something nice about Katy to her young fans, no?