‘Sounds silly, but…’ Twitter share heartfelt stories of love and loss

There's no doubt that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year, and while that suits festive enthusiasts down to the ground, it can make it difficult for people who mourn their late loved ones all the more deeply at Christmas.

Tapping into this over the weekend, Twitter user, Rachael Prior, posted a message which ultimately initiated a heartfelt thread on the subject of love and loss.

"Nowhere and no time do I miss my dad more acutely than in the men’s department of M&S at Christmas," she wrote in a post which has been liked almost 12,000 times since Saturday.

Rachael's candour set in motion a discussion which gave the grieving a chance to remember their own loved ones by telling fellow followers how and when they remember their friends and family members.

It makes for emotional reading, but there's a lot to be said for the warmth born of the impromptu discussion.

Take a look here…