Songs we loved as kids with inappropriate lyrics


So can you imagine dancing around the living room putting on a talent show for your parents and singing these songs at the top of your voice? Well, chances are you have…and this is what they heard:

1. Spice Girls – 2 Become 1
“Be a little bit wiser baby, put it on, put it on”
Promoting safe sex is great and all, don’t get us wrong, but we were singing this to our parents at seven-years-old! *Cringe*

2. Mousse-T – Horny
“I’m horny, I’m horny, horny, horny” …etc
It’s all well and good if you were old enough to understand this wasn’t one you sang into your hairbrush at the top of your lungs, but spare a thought for those of us who were too young to know what “horny” was…

3. O-Town – Liquid Dreams
“Liquid dreams, my Liquid Dreams, Waterfalls and streams, these liquid dreams”

4. S Club 7 – S Club Party
“Ghetto boys, make some noise! Hoochie mamas, show your nanas!”
We’re not so sure this is short for “Show you are bananas”…

5. Christina, Lil'Kim, Pink and Mya – Lady Marmalade
"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)" 
It's every parent's dream to hear their child singing "Would you like to sleep with me tonight" in French around the neighbourhood. Especially on the ol' holliers … in France!

6. T-Spoon – Sex on the Beach
"I wanna have sex on the beach"
Oh we knew this one was bad, but it was just so damn catchy…

7. AQUA – Barbie Girl
"Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please. I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees"
The entire song is just a little disturbing in terms of male-female relationships actually!

8. The Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch
"So put your hands down my pants and I bet you'll feel nuts"
Ah, the charming soundtrack of our childhood…

9. Britney Spears – I'm a Slave 4 u
"Oh baby don't you want to dance up on me … Leaving behind my name and age"
Oh dear, oh dear…