So, apparently if you wear this LIPPY you’ll get married in a year


Are you looking for love, or simply want to get your current lover down the aisle? Well, we may just have your answer. 

According to Emily Popp, Deputy Editor at HelloGiggles, she got a gift last year from her brother and his girlfriend that was meant to help her land a husband.

No, it was not a subscription to a dating site – it was a lipstick (we're not joking).

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The lipstick was from Estée Lauder's Pure Colour Crystal collection, and apparently the ingredients are renowned in Japan for magical matchmaking powers. 

On Estée Lauder's Japanese Website, the review comments are filled with women who swear the pink lippy led to their engagement. 

Incase you're wondering, there are no official "rules" to how often you need to wear the lipstick or when to wear it "for best results."

We have to admit, we are not at ALL convinced by this whole concept, but it makes for some interesting reading, right? 

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Maybe the placebo effect is factor — if you believe it works, you may find yourself with a ring in no time.