Snap Map? Everyone has the same thoughts about Snapchat’s update

So, are you sick of living vicariously through your friend's Sanpchat stories?

Wish you could be right there with them?

If so, the app's latest update is going to help you do just that (though we're not sure how we feel about it). 

Introducing Snap Map – a new feature that allows you to view your friends location, and the location of other featured stories on a map.

And yep. It's pretty much as stalker-y as it sounds.

The Snap Map is accessed through the camera mode – simply pinch the screen in a 'zoom out' motion and violà – explore stories from around the world.

Once in the map, users can choose whether all friends, some friends, or only themselves can see their location.

Many users have taken to Twitter to criticise the 'creepy' nature of the new feature, and quite frankly, they've got a point.

So, what do you think? Are you on board with the latest update?