Singer unveils her wacky new tattoo to the world


Katy Perry has always been a proud Hello Kitty fan, and now she has made her love for the cute character eternal.

The singer took to social media last night to share a snap of her latest inking of – you guessed it – a Hello Kitty face!

Now that is fan dedication for you.

The 30-year-old posted an Instagram picture of her new tattoo, on the side of her right middle finger, writing: “Does this make my gang signs look soft now?”

This is the latest addition to the star’s growing collection of ink. She also has a “Jesus” name tattoo on her left wrist, a strawberry on her ankle, a peppermint swirl on the other ankle, and a quote which translates as “Go with the flow” on the inside of her right arm.

Katy celebrated her 30th birthday in style last week, holding a special party for 70 of her loved ones at the luxurious Amanjena Hotel in Morocco.

Perhaps she got her new ink to mark the milestone? What do you think of it?