Singer freaks out fans with hospital Instagram selfies


She’s not one to hold back when it comes to revealing the more sensitive details of her life, so we’re not a bit surprised by Miley Cyrus’ latest Instagram posts.

The star took to Instagram this weekend to share a series of (slightly disturbing) hospital selfies featuring a pretty nasty looking wound on her arm.

While the reason behind her hospital visit is unknown, it’s safe to say that Miley’s graphic postings have sufficiently freaked out her fans.


The gown is sooooo hipster

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While we would almost (and we stress that word) get over the photo of her wearing her gown, we are quite baffled by her decision to post a close-up of her arm wound, with a photo of Justin Bieber photoshopped into it!

The photoshopping frolics didn’t stop there, though. She went on to give her beloved dog Floyd a spot in the photo too.

We’re freaked out, Miley, and so are your fans!


Omg Floyd veinz

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While most of her followers have been deeming the snaps “gross” and “disgusting”, others have just been imploring her to stop!

“Can ya [sic] stop posting these Miley?” said one fan, echoing our thoughts entirely.

Oh, Miley. Our lives would be so dull without you.