Singer claims he’s been silenced on Twitter after ‘human race’ rant


Pop star Lee Ryan should maybe take a little break from Twitter after he was made to get rid of a rant he had posted on the site.

The Blue singer recently went on a pretty baffling outburst about how ‘abusive’ and ‘lost’ the human race was.

Speaking today, Lee said he had deleted the post as he wasn’t “allowed to say anything” before unleashing his (we assume) sarcastic side saying, “Anyway isn’t it a lovely day and I love my children and oh please save the animals.”

Lee’s fans took to Twitter straight away to show their support with one saying, “It’s your Twitter so you can say what you want! Don’t let that sh*t people talk get to you!”

The singer has been embroiled in a very messy war of words with his ex-fling Jasmine Waltz who he shared a bed and a bathtub with in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Jasmine accused the singer of cheating on her with a man, which the pop star labelled “absurd”.