Signs you are most definitely an Instagram addict!


What did we do in the days before Instagram? How on earth did we show the world what we'd had for lunch, or the fab latte art on our morning coffee?

While most of us use Instagram for celeb stalking, or to share the odd selfie, for some people it truly is an addiction.

Here are a few key signs that you're a full-fledged Instagram junkie!

1. Your food's always cold because you insist on spending 10 minutes getting the perfect shot
"Can you just re-arrange that chip for me? Cheers."

2. You know exactly which filter to use in every situation
Earlybird for hungover selfies, obvz.

3. Those tense few minutes before you get your first "like" are the WORST
"Where IS everyone today?!"

4. You have no problem taking 45 pictures just to get that perfect shot

5. The orange notifications box is your best friend and worst enemy
It controls your emotions.

6. You have to consider "the square" every time you take a photo
"Sorry Nana, you just didn't make the cut this time. Cropped."

7. You'll only post photos at prime times
Once 9pm hits, that Saturday night cocktail photo is getting uploaded like NOBODY'S business.