Signs that he’s just not that into you


He asks you to hangout
A sure sign that he has no romantic plans for the evening. Even though we can spend hours trying to figure out guy code, sometimes there is no code and your fella simply just wants to hang out.

No touching
If he was remotely attracted to you, he would make some subtle or sweet attempts to embrace you. Sometimes, it can be intentional and sometimes, it can be done subconsciously. But if you give him ample opportunities to make a move on you and he doesn’t oblige, safe to say he’s not interested.

Your one of the guys
If you hang around with his friends a lot, especially if he isn’t there, that’s a sure sign he doesn’t view as a romantic partner. If he was really attracted to you, for the first few weeks anyway he would definitely want to keep you to himself.

No effort
This is hard to tell, as a lot of guys don’t make an effort in general. But if he really liked you, he wouldn’t definitely go out of his way, to woo you off your feet.