Shia LaBeouf’s arrest story is the funniest thing you’ll hear all week


We have to hand it to Shia LaBeouf – the guy knows how to put a hilarious twist on a serious story.

The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and was only too happy to give his side of the story regarding his arrest earlier this year.

The 28-year-old actor opened up on the incident which saw him arrested for disorderly conduct after drunkenly wreaking havoc at a showing of the theatre show Cabaret.

If the situation itself sounded amusing in the first place, we were not prepared for the full scale of hilarity surrounding the arrest.

Admitting that he had been drinking “a lot of whiskey”, Shia went on to regale host Jimmy Kimmel about the entire debacle – from chasing a homeless man, to feeding strawberries to middle-aged women and, eventually, spitting on a policeman’s shoe.

You could not write this – the whole thing is like the plot from a blockbuster movie.

If there is one thing that you watch today, let it be this absolutely hilarious interview.

We kind of love Shia all over again.

Check out the video above.