She’s having a laugh! Did Chrissy just reveal her baby girl’s name?!

It was only last week that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend revealed that they have a little baby girl on the way, and now the mum-to-be is even thinking up some baby names.

One Twitter follower asked Chrissy on Twitter if she had any possible baby names… and you will not believe what her response was. 

The 30-year-old answered with "Chubz."

Now, of course Chubz probably isn't going to be the chosen name, but that didn't stop Chrissy's fans having a bit of a laugh with it.

"Baby Chubz, unique & original; it's perfect lol," the follower replied.

The model also told fans of her massive food cravings and said that red meat is the only thing to stop her headaches. 

"Get your iron boost on," she told her fans. We certainly will, Chrissy.