Seriously embarrassing moment for X Factor judge last night


Poor Louis Walsh always seems to have Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole ganging up on him – and last night just about proves it!

When Louis’ band, Stereo Kicks came out to perform, the judge was accused by Simon and the other judges of not knowing their names. 

Striving to prove the others wrong, Louis begins to list the lads by name – only to be caught out with a piece of paper with their names on it!

 Oh Louis…he certainly doesn't do himself any favours!

To make matters even MORE awkward, Simon then demanded he give him the piece of paper and even got up off his seat, walked over, wrestled it off poor mortified Louis and showed it to the camera. 

Thankfully, Dermot O’Leary intervened before Simon forced Louis to read out the names without a helping hand…

However, all things aside, we LOVED the boys performance – they killed Big Bands Week! Here they are in action:

We sure hope some of the more cringe bits of the show are scripted.