Sent the text to the wrong person? There’s an app for that!


Many of us will be familiar with that cold, sinking feeling that grips you the second you realise you’ve sent the text to the wrong person. It normally feels a little something like this…

This can happen for many reasons, maybe the person was in your head, or even worse in your text and you just accidentally hit their name. Or maybe they were your last message and you just absentmindedly send it to them without checking.

Either way, it’s the worst and can often result in some pretty awkward moments.  Now there is an app that can change everything! Strings is an app that allows you to delete any sent information from anyone’s phone it was sent to permanently. The information cannot be retrieved or downloaded and can even be erased after it is opened by the recipient.

Founder of Be Labs, the creator of the app Edward Balassanian has said that the app marks the future in online privacy: “We think the time for Strings is now. With the privacy issues plaguing existing messaging apps, email and texting, it’s time we had a messaging app that gives us complete control of our conversations.”

The only downside? Well it's a pretty massive one…The other person needs to have the app installed too. We’ll just keep double checking our messages and hiding it when we're drunk until this catches on then…