Scarlett Johansson makes a sly dig at Taylor Swift


Hmm, it doesn’t look like Scarlett Johansson is a big fan of Taylor Swift!

Scarlett was speaking about the new genre of fans she has gained recently due to roles in movies such as The Avengers: “It’s little girls … it’s funny because they probably can’t see all the movies I have done.”

However, it would appear the actress didn’t know how to feel when she was compared to Taylor Swift, saying: “The other day I was in the airport and somebody said to me, ‘Oh my daughter is your biggest fan and she loves your work so much. Are you Taylor Swift?’ I was like, ‘Wow that radiant youth cream works.’ She’s also like six foot tall or something. I went to my friend, ‘How should I feel about this? Appalled? Thrilled? Or not think about it too much?'”

Well, we certainly wouldn’t complain if somebody mistook us for the lovely Taylor, that’s for sure!