Sand Art Hair is about to become the next summer trend

People on Instagram are going crazy over the latest hair craze to come along this summer. If you thought nailing that ombré was difficult enough, then you might as well call it quits now.

Dyeing your hair a crazy colour isn't exactly new, Zayn Malik was all over this trend just last week. However, this is high intensity colour burst is a little different, and also a lot more magical.

Taking inspiration from a retro American children's toy (and unicorns, obviously), the rainbow hair style is pretty much a replica of what happens when you pile thousands of grains of coloured sand together in different shaped jars.

The multi-dimensional hues have been spotted on celebs in the past, Kylie Jenner does have a range of hair extensions that offer some pretty highly saturated colour options. Kesha was also famous for sporting a brightly coloured style last year. Now though it's hit Pinterest and Instagram hard.

Rebecca Taylor is the hair stylist who debuted the retro-inspired look on her social media channels, from where it has since taken off. She uses a special in-salon process to ensure the dye doesn't run together and end up a muddy mess. She uses a special technique to achieve that fairytale-type look that is the stuff of Instagram users dreams. To do it, she separates the hair in horizontal zig-zags and colours each of the sections a different shade to get the sand art effect spot on.

Sounds challenging, but the outcome is obviously worth it for fans of the sand art trend as they can't stop posting their colourful selfies online.

It's dramatic, daring and looks like it requires some dedication, it also reminds us of My Little Ponies and their fabulous technicolour manes.

What with the assortment of rainbow locks popping up all over our social media feeds, it looks like this could be a style we see floating around the many many festivals to come this summer season,