Ryan Reynolds’ face is EVERYONE dealing with Hiddleswift right now


Unless you’ve been living under a giant impermeable rock for the last month, you will have been bombarded with PDAs by Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

Between “I LOVE T. SWIFT” tank tops and jetting around the world to meet their other halves' parents it feels like TayTom have been together for years – rather than the mere month it’s actually been.

If you’re totally fed up with the happy couple then you’ll be happy to hear you are in very good company as a new picture of Ryan Reynolds has emerged in which the star looks totally tiddled off with Hiddleswift.

The image – which was uploaded to Instagram last night by the Bad Blood singer’s childhood friend – shows Taylor sitting on Tom’s lap looking totally loved up (as usual) while Blake Lively gazes happily at the couple.

But sitting beneath Blake is a very uncomfortable Ryan Reynolds whose face literally says what that world is thinking: “How the hell did we get to this?”

As with all picture perfect moments the Internet is having an absolute field day over the snap. 

Take a look: