Rozanna’s Newbridge campaign banned


Rozanna Purcell’s new video campaign for Newbridge Silverware has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASA) who said the video was "exploitative of sexuality".

The video, which was aimed to attract a younger generation to the Irish brand, was styled by Irish stylist, Courtney Smith.

Courtney took to her Instagram page to voice her disgust at the decision to ban the advert: “I’m shocked that at this day in age Ireland can still be so backwards. This incredible shoot I did for a new younger Newbridge collection called EShe was in the press today after being complained about to the ASA for being too overtly sexy! The shoot was actually inspired by Cuban dancers from the 1930s and 40s… It is meant to be sensual and evocative. The jewellery is still the main focus and I think it’s incredibly beautiful and can’t imagine how it would make people feel uncomfortable.”

Well it’s certainly not Amy Huberman setting a table but we think it looks gorgeous; Rozanna is stunning as always and we NEED that necklace!