Rosanna’s hubby can’t wait to “let the riding begin”


Rosanna Davison and her husband Wes Quirke have jetted off on their honeymoon to the Seychelles.

Quirke took to Twitter to express how excited he was about their getaway:

“Honeymoon suite #sychelles #presidentalsuite #lapreslin #huge #jacuzzi #lifestyle #pools #suite #5star #LetTheRidingBegin.”

Jeez, Wes! Don’t hold back! He’s since deleted the tweet – we wonder if Rosanna put her foot down?!

The Irish beauty has said that they’re really enjoying married life:

“It’s not massively different than before. We’re like, ‘Was something meant to change?’ It hasn’t really changed our relationship at all.

“It’s actually more fun – especially doing things together. We’re actually getting on great because you’re in it for life and you just want to get on really well together and experience lots of things together.”

Well we know what they’ll be experiencing together on their honeymoon anyway!