Rita Ora hooks herself up to drip


Rita Ora has been busy shooting a new music video and a Hollywood movie, so it is not surprising that she needed a bit of an energy boost.

The RIP singer tweeted a picture of her getting a vitamin boost via a drip and captioned it: “Getting ready #musicvideotime #oooohhhhhhhyeaaaaaahhhhh”

The so-called energy boosting treatment sees celebs indulging in vitamin drips, which are believed to boost energy levels and give a healthy and youthful glow. However, the picture wasn’t received well by everyone with one follower commenting: “Instead of this silly vitamin drip why don’t you try a healthy lifestyle instead?????”

This is not the first time the Somebody That I Used to Know singer shared a picture of herself being pumped with vitamins; last year, she posted a snap of herself getting one into her backside.

The treatment became a celebrity trend after Simon Cowell admitted that he got a blend of vitamin B12, magnesium and vitamin C pumped into his body each week. He claims he got the tip off Danni Minogue and described it as being “an incredibly warm feeling . . . indescribable but very calming, and then it gives you energy for a good few days afterwards.”

Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez, Brad Pitt and Madonna are also reportedly fans of it.