Reality TV star causes uproar with Instagram snap


Former star of The Simple Life (we miss that show) Paris Hilton has been forced to defend herself after her Instagram feed went into meltdown yesterday.

Paris shared a photo that showed herself as a child dressed up in a bunny outfit…but not just any bunny outfit as she described herself: “Dressing up as ‘Playboybunny for Halloween.”

It wasn’t long before her followers began to tell her just how wrong that actually is…

Never one to let others bring her down, Paris posted the photo again, this time taking time to defend herself: “By the way, to all the people that can’t take a joke. I was kidding. I wasn’t really dressed as a #Playboybunny. I was 5 years old & had no idea what that was. I was just dressed as a bunny on Halloween.”

However, many people are still quick to point out that bunnies don’t really look like that. Well, at that age you’re going for authenticity, right?