Reality star’s latest humblebrag doesn’t fool anyone


Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan took to social media this weekend and did something we're all a little guilty of from time to time.

Oh yes, the reality star indulged in a little harmless humblebragging.

Well, kinda.

Taking to Twitter on Friday evening, the fitness fanatic posted a little message that suggested fans and followers may be treated to a few bikini snaps, but we weren't to expect much because Holly had done wat most ladies do of a Friday evening and tucked into a cheeky chipper.

Tweeting: "Trying bikinis on after fish and chips Friday might not be the best idea", Holly reminded us that she was just like us and would likely flaunt a food baby after her delish dinner.

Turns out we were kind of wrong on that front because mere hours later the 22-year-old star uploaded the infamous bikini shot to Instagram and it's safe to stay the fish and chip supper had no effect on Holly's stunning figure.

Who'd have guessed it?!