Questions we’ve all asked ourselves when getting dressed!


Fashion is a minefield, and while some people seem to make being stylish look effortless, for most of us it's not that easy.

We bet a few of these questions have passed your lips while trying to plan an outfit…

1. Why have I got nothing to wear?
The eternal question…

2. How does everyone else manage to wear something different EVERY DAY?
Are they magic?

3. Hmmm… I can probably get away without ironing this, right?
It would just get wrinkled again anyways. I’ll just iron the important parts.

4. Dry-clean only? Ah, lads.
Not a chance I’m shelling out €25 to have a skirt cleaned. To the washing machine with you!

5. How come this outfit looked so lovely before I left the house?
My skirt was NOT this short two hours ago. My hair was also not a frizzy mess.

6. Are my knickers totally visible right now?
These leggings are just glorified tights, aren’t they? I KNEW it. And now it’s too late to change.

7. Dear lord why are these shoes so painful?
Why do I even bother with heels?

8. Am I mixing prints in a stylish way right now or do I look like a hobo?
It’s a fine line.