Prince Yeezy? Was Kanye West the voice of a famous Disney hero?!


In the world of Kanye West, anything is possible.

He's already compared himself to God and Jesus, so it's kinda no wonder people have started to think he's involved with Disney.

Well, Justin Bieber thinks he is, anyway.

After sharing a photo of Kanye for his birthday, the Biebs captioned the pic: "Legend #waltdisney."


Legend #waltdisney

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This has sparked a lot of rumours that Kanye is indeed the voice of some magical prince, or that he's going to star in a live-action movie of one of the Disney Princess films, but no dice.

Our guess is that Justin was simply referring to Kanye's tweet from February which read: "I'm this generation's Disney… I want to bring dope s**t to the world…"

As avid Disney fans, Kanye is nowhere close to Walt Disney. Soz.

But hey, whatever floats his boat.