Be inspired by this female comic’s response to being called fat

A female comic has decided to hit back at a stand-up comedian who publicly ridiculed her during a comedy show recorded for Comedy Central.

Damienne Merlina bore the brunt of Ari Shaffir's vicious jibes regarding her personality, appearance and disability during a recent stand-up performance, but the courageous Damienne refused to take his bullying sitting down.

In a segment of his piece Ali Shaffir claimed the comic and actress smelled as a  result of not washing and then pretended to wash "under the belly folds" using only one arm in a performance which Damienne felt had no place in comedy.

Calling out the stand-up on his cruel jibes and unnecessary venom, Damienne released a video of her reaction to Ali Shaffir's attack on her.

Becoming tearful and emotional at some points in the clip, Damienne eventually finishes with a very specific message for Ari Shaffir.

And we LOVE her for it.

Check it out!