Plastic surgery? TOWIE star shocks fans with a drastic new look

TOWIE's Gemma Collins is rarely seen without a full face of make-up, but earlier today it seemed she had taken things a step too far when it came to her looks.

The 34-year-old posted a picture of herself looking decidedly bare-faced aside from perfectly groomed brows and lips that looked almost painfully swollen.

"Just had my lips and brows done @emalenegrove you are amazing x," Gemma captioned the now-deleted picture. Her followers were quick to speculate about whether Gemma's plump lips were the result of Kylie Jenner-style lip liner or something more drastic, with some insisting she must have had Botox.

"She has such a gorgeous face doesn't need it," wrote one Twitter user, with another adding, "Nothing wrong with you to get this done!!!"

However Gemma herself was quick to clear things up, posting again shortly after to reassure her followers that her new look was all down to some expertly applied make-up.

"Don't panic everyone Im anti Botox and all that fake plastic look I only had lip liner it's called a blush x," she wrote, sharing a picture of herself in the sun looking a little less swollen.

Gemma may be against getting Botox or other procedures on her face, but she's not so wary when it comes to other parts of her body. In fact, the reality star recently revealed that she'd had "designer vagina" surgery to achieve the "perfect" shape down there.

"I actually pride myself. I'm mega confident now because I know I've got a designer vagina. I've not told you this, but I paid two thousand pound and my vagina is perfect now… It looks like something you'd see on a movie," she admitted during a recent episode of TOWIE.

Whatever works for you, Gemma…