Pizza cupcakes are here to take your snacks to delicious new levels

Not many things can make us happier than hearing that we’re having pizza for dinner.

Whether it’s a planned excursion to your favourite pizza place, or you decide to treat yourself to some delicious homemade pizza goodness, it generally makes us very happy campers.

However, there is one other snack that is likely to get the same positive response as delicious pizza slices: cupcakes.

So you can imagine the delight that travelled around the internet when the food gods at Cosmopolitan decided to combine the glory of pizza with the deliciousness of cupcakes.

Don’t worry, it’s not some strange sweet and savoury hybrid snack, instead this just straightforward tasty pizza delivered in cupcake size.

If you need some foodie inspiration then you can see it all come together in tasty harmony below: