Our absolute favourite fashion Instagrammers right now


Has anyone else been mentally preparing 'Post-Covid' outfits? For when we can go out again and see people and be sociable again? I've become a little obsessed with it, and though I think it's more so wishful thinking than anything, it's a fun way to escape for a little while and think about the better days to come. 

But what's crazy is that there's going to be such a blend of fashion and styles once we are finally released. We've all been in our lockdown clothes for so long that trends and passing fashions have become static – loungewear sales have rocketed, a lot of people have begin turning away from fast fashion and vintage clothes are having a major comeback moment. When we do finally get to rock up to the beer garden, there'll be such an exciting mish mash of fashions and styles and outfits that we won't know where to look.

I've decided to do a little roundup of my favourite style accounts on Instagram to give you a little inspiration for the 'post-Covid' world to come and to give you a little escapist experience too. These women have incredible style and are full of helpful tips and tricks to help you to dress your best!


Valeria's account is an amazing blend of family and fashion. Very down to earth, she makes fashion fun with lighthearted videos that feature her three little boys and some serious style. She tends towards oversized looks in natural colours with a feminine twist. This video of her office chic looks is less 'Emily in Paris' and more Andy in 'Devil Wears Prada', with sleek lines, powerful silhouettes and an edge to the girly features. 

This videos is one of my favourites from her and captures her creativity and fun perfectly. These looks are a little more girly than her usual but are giving major Chrissy Teigen vibes, balancing sexy with classy in the gorgeous materials and cuts. She accessorises very sparingly, but each piece matters as it adds a funky and eye-catching layer to each simple, feminine look, like the white boots in the first outfit and the cool hat in the third outfit, giving it that Beyoncé look.


Emily, mum to two girls, is the queen of the stylish but understated look. Endlessly classy, her wardrobe is extremely wearable and packed full of high quality fabrics, which really make all her looks pull together perfectly, no matter how simple. Even her loungewear looks amazing, because she keeps the colour schemes simple, the materials rich-looking and she never has a hair out of place. Unafraid of a pop of colour, she is the ultimate classy mum. 


You can't talk style without mentioning Laura Mullet! The fashion editor at RSVP is known for her bold patterning and colour schemes -often happening together at the same time – and her seriously chic accessorising ability. An everyday outfit gets upgraded to a ten with her magic touch, so she is definitely the one to follow if you want to learn how to make every piece in your wardrobe work. This recent look is uncharacteristically dark for her, but we're absolutely loving the Blair Waldorf vibe we're getting from it!


If you're into your vintage looks, then Maddie Close is an absolute must-follow. Heavily inspired by the eras of the fifties and sixties, her style reflects that with feminine and playful silhouettes, bright patterns and fabrics and a sunniness that's seen in her personality and styling choices. What's even more impressive is that she makes a lot of the clothes herself, finding old materials and clothes and fashioning them into wearable pieces. This video above shows some of our favourite dresses that she's created – such talent!


Heidi from the rogue essentials is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram right now. A recent addition to my feed, her page is so informative and educational about the fashion industry and the harm that fast fashion can do. She is not a performative activist but actually provides solutions and alternatives that are achievable for the average fashion-obsessee.

She interrogates the trend cycles and looks into the psychology behind why we feel the need to constantly upgrade and why we buy into the lies that the fashion industry tell us. Her focus is on good quality, lasting materials and getting the right fit for you. Well worth the follow.


Violet's feed is an eclectic and electric mix of styles and colours. She is the go-to woman if you're looking for inspiration for a statement outfit because her clothes are all about the *drama*. Slick silhouettes, sleek lines and textured fabrics are her go-to and she pulls off an artful mixing of masculine and feminine looks, creating a unbelievably cool androgynous blend. It's the small touches, like her bags or incredible range of hats that put her outfit combinations above and beyond. Violet isn't fashionable – she's stylish, with her own distinctive look curated by her.


Lydia's channel is another super helpful one, full of advice on how to execute those little tips and tricks that take an outfit from looking like you're trying to copy a Pinterest look to runway-level put together. Her knowledge of shapes, silhouettes and balancing and outfit are unmatched as she posts tutorials of how to level up every look. Her palette is mainly kept neutral to tans, blacks, whites and greys, but it all very much works together and is interchangeable like a capsule wardrobe. She is absolutely one to follow for all the outfit hacks.