One guy’s solution to this holiday nightmare is the absolute WORST


We’ve all done questionable things around the house in the name of necessity.

From balancing an entire shelf on just one strategically-placed book to standing on one foot and crossing our fingers when trying to work a dodgy tap, we’re no strangers to a little creative thinking around the home.

But with the words of our father – “You only make one mistake with electricity” – echoing in our heads, we always draw the line when it comes to meddling with circuits or tampering with sockets.

However, it seems like one guy, who has recently made his way onto Imgur, never got that memo – despite being an electrician with the navy – and his handy work when it comes to makeshift travel adaptors is stressing EVERYONE out.

My friend, who constantly forgets to bring travel adapters

Happily poking steel nail clippers into various plug sockets when he neglects to bring his travel adaptor abroad, this guy’s approach to health and safety seriously leaves a lot to be desired, and we cannot COPE.

Sharing the snaps online, his mate wrote: ”So, about a year ago my friend went to Australia. He's an electrician for the navy, and decided to use what they learnt him. We called him an idiot, but hey, it worked.”

“Your friend is going places, probably the morgue, but until then he's got power,” replied one Imgur user.

Yep, what he said.