One Direction slammed as ‘five no-ones who won the lottery’


So, we all know the lead singer of Kasabian has never been the biggest Directioner out there, having once called them "five little d*cks", but we kind of thought he was done talking about them now.

How wrong were we?

It doesn't seem like Tom Meighan is quite done airing his views at all if a recent interview is anything to go by.

Opening up about the pop phenomenon yet again, Tom said: "They're millionaires but they're five no-ones who have won the lottery. They're massive, but they're a product, we're not."

In a bizarre rant against the Story Of My Life singers, Tom goes on to compare them to a bathroom staple, saying: "They're like shampoo. You buy it to put in your hair and wash it out, like the Spice Girls."

Errr, OK.

Sceptical about the band's future, Tom suggested that the end was nigh, saying: "They'll wanna be arty and do something and they'll break up."

While the rest of us were left scratching our heads about Tom's comments and wondering why he seems to care so much, the band's beloved hairstylist Lou Teasdale was quick to jump to their defence, tweeting: "Lol at Kasabian attacking one direction again.I personally have never witnessed amore embarrassing band than…Kasabian. #shade"